​One hour


45 images


$180 / ¥18,000

Two hours


90 images


$300 / ¥30,000



In this age of I-phones, it's to easy to forget to take some memorable photos of ALL of your family in one photo !! I believe that an investment into your photo session is worth every penny as it will create a lasting memory of your time in Japan and will be seen forever by your future generations.

Here are my details.

Once location and time of your choice has been decided, we will meet and start the session.
A typical family portrait session usually takes 1 hour.
Then once finished, I will rush home to process the photos in the computer.
I will try to have the digital files ready for you within seven days, sometimes sooner.
You can expect to get around 45 digital photos from the 1 hour session and 90 images from the 2 hours, but sometimes there are more as I tend to take about 400 photos in a session. You get to choose the images from the session and I edit them to the finished product.
You are then free to share as many times as you like with your friends as you own the rights to the photos.

I look forward to hearing from you,